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What we do

R!SE meets the communication needs of a wide variety of actors: media, institutions, foundations, companies and European projects. It uses varied and innovative tools, such as 360° filming, data animation and illustration. It also focuses on the training of journalists, young professionals and educators of all sectors and levels, using social communication as a transversal means of content dissemination.

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R!SE activities focus on four areas:

realised with international media partners such as National Geographic, La Repubblica or The Guardian. R!SE produces documentaries, web documentaries with photos, videos and texts, reportages and photo books.

R!SE offers not only support in the drafting of specific documents, such as sustainability reports, or the production of multimedia content, but also and above all in the structuring of effective, quality and wide-ranging communication.

told through the project's social channels following a structured editorial plan that will not only provide information on R!SE's activities, but will propose original environmental communication, like that of a small newspaper.

designed for a variety of actors and to meet the growing need for a new approach to the environment by universities, colleges, but also companies and institutions. We cover topics ranging from the geopolitics of energy transition to sustainable agriculture and Industry 4.0.

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The objective of R!SE will be to progressively become an incubator of environmental innovation: a platform that fosters connections between those who share a new vision on the relationship between man and nature, and that helps the realisation of projects through the establishment of a favourable environment (in terms, for example, of access to media and institutional partners or financiers).