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R!SE is an environmental communication project that proposes a new approach and new tools to clearly explain today's major environmental challenges, from the geopolitics of energy transition to the dramatic disappearance of biodiversity.

It intends to act as a bridge between the general public and researchers to disseminate scientific information accurately and directly. It wants to accompany institutions and companies in understanding and explaining their impact on the environment, and their efforts to adapt to a world that has already changed. It proposes a new way of reporting on environmental issues to train the next generation of communicators and journalists.

R!SE relies on an international team for the creation and dissemination of content both in Italy and in Europe. It brings together a group of authors specialised in the different communication tools used: journalists, filmmakers, photographers with active collaborations with media such as National Geographic or Repubblica, together with high-profile researchers who make up a Scientific Committee designed to guarantee the scientific accuracy of R!SE's work. Finally, a team specialised in social networks and communication takes care of the editorial part and the dissemination of the various projects.

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